Sunday, July 31, 2011

Please Join In The Fun

The last two posts have outlined a fair number of JONES surname groups. Most of these groups do not share the Y-chromosome! For those who share the JONES surname, and you know your family originates among one of these JONES groups, please join the fun and identify your family group. This might help those who are researching their family from one of the areas identified. You can leave a comment giving the location of your JONES family. Anyone that shares this location, may a direct connection. The JONES family locations are:

Hereford, 1690, and 1823,

Denbigh (North Wales)

Ireland: Ulster, Sligo,

Somerset, London, Oxford, Lancaster, York, Rutland, Middlesex, and Worcester,

Montgomery, Monmouth, and Merinoneth in Wales.

Any JONES families out there? Please join in the fun!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More JONES Families

The number of JONES families that have a coat of arms recorded by Burke before 1840, demonstrate the diversity of the surname. An analysis of these arms show the numbers and locations of many that do not share a Y-chromosome. This post continues the listings for families that have "a lion ramp." (rampant) for a symbol. (charge) Some share the same coat of arms, and some show variation in tinctures (colors of symbol and shield). They are:

Jones of Somerset (Kelston Park): "erm. a lion ramp. az." [a blue lion on a fur shield]

Jones of Worcester: "ar. a lion ramp. gu." [ a red lion of silver shield]

Four that share, "or. a lion ramp. gu." [a red lion with gold shield]

Jones of Oxford
Jones of Oxford and Berks
Jones of Monmouth and Worcester
Jones of Denbigh

Eleven families that share, "or. a lion ramp. az." [ a blue lion with gold shield ]

Jones of Hereford - Sugwas, Poulstone, Cleve, and Mountcraig
Jones of Middlesex (Stratford, Bow)
Jones of Middlesex and Hereford
Jones of Gloucester
Jones of Somerset
Jones of Lancaster
Jones of York
Jones of Rutland
Jones of London
Jones of Merinoneth
Jones of Merinoneth, Dol-yn- Edrienion

Perhaps starting points for several Y-chromosomes!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Groupings

A recent post on my Jones Surname blogspot, introduced The Jones Classification System. Using the Jones surname cost(s) of arms, the families that were responsible for producing at least one JONES surname (family) were shown. This used the "primary charge" and "colors" recorded for the folks having coat of arms before 1840 England, Ireland, and Wales. They were then linked to their ancestors family which would place a starting point for their Y-chromosome. Thus a series of families have been identified that represent the origins of many Jones surnames. Family groupings [those that used the symbol "a lion rampant"] can then be identified. The first sets of families are as follows:

House of Trevor , North Wales

House of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, North Wales [ Three sons each produce a JONES line.]

Jones of Hereford, 1690

Jones of Denbigh, North Wales

Jones of Sligo (Ireland)

Jones of Ulster 1661, Ireland

Jones of Somerset

Jones of Hereford 1823 [ a distinct line from above ]

Jones of Ulster (Ireland)

Jones of Montgomery

Jones of London

and much more to come.

The study was first published in my newsletter The Jones Genealogist, Vol.VIII, No.3, Sept/Oct 1996. Some of these families could share the same Y-chromosome, but many are not genetically related.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thirteen Surnames Y-chromosome Connected

Much has been written to shown that those who share the surname JONES are not always related by the Y-chromosome. For my own Y-chromosome, there are many "other" surnames that shared a direct match to my 12-marker test. [See post "Well, It's About Time", May 2, 2011.] The Welsh surnames that do share my Y-chromosome have been presented in a general sense on the post entitled, "Associated Surname", Jan.1, 2011. [Under Blog, http;//] The following post will give the connections for these surnames that share my Y-chromosome.

My JONES family begins in the Welsh genealogies with Tudor Trevor (JC-1). [See post, "Tudor Trevor", Dec. 27, 2010, under the blog: The Jones Surname.] His children are given in the post of January 26, 2011, under the title: "The Children of Tudor Trevor". The branches of these generation are given in a series of posts coded by the colors "Pink", "Orange", and "Blue" to help keep all the later generations identified as to their beginnings.

Only two sons of Tudor Trevor (JC-1) produce male descent; the second son, Llydocka (Llyddocka) (JD-2), and the baby of the family, Dingad (JD-3). Those who share this Y-chromosome by surname are listed below. The documentation for each surname is found in Dwnn, volume II, with the page numbers given.

First through Llydocka(JD-2):

1) Edwards, D(II) p. 327, 2) Eytyn, D(II), p.358, 3) Moiston, D(II), p. 307, 4) Trevor, D(II) p. 307, 328, 5) Young, D(II), p. 314, 6) Lewis, D(II), p. 325, 7) Dymock, D(II), p. 313, 8) Deckaf, D(II), p. 357, and 9) Eton, D(II), p. 360.

Second through Dingad(JD-3):

1) Eytyn, D(II), p. 358, 2) Pennant, D(II), p. 308, 3) Lloyd, D(II), pp. 348, 23, 362, and Broughton, D(II), p. 315.

Thirteen surnames recorded in Dwnn. Anyone connected?

Dwnn, L., Heraldic Visitations of Wales and Part of the Marches, Vol. I, Vol. II, Welsh MSS. Society, Llandovery, 1846.