Monday, August 15, 2016

Haplogroup Hangouts

Our human Y-chromosome has experienced a number of mutations since the dawn of man.  On the most part, these mutations have been identified and given a standard nomenclature.   Called "haplogroups" , they have been organized by number [DYS #] and alphabetized A - T.  Their chronology has been estimated, with "haplogroup A" starting things off some 60,000 years ago, or so.  Their geographic locations have been identified.  The following figure was drawn some six years ago when trying to put all this DNA stuff together.  I thought it might be of interest in the very broadest sense. 

The haplogroups are shown in a chronological sense top to bottom.  The DYS # associated with each haplogroup is listed.  The general "hangout" for each haplogroup(s) is written underneath each.  The green swipe represents Africa with migration "out of Africa" identified.  Various colors then mark in the broadest terms, the migration patterns thought most likely for each haplogroup.  The JONES surname haplogroup is approximaly 75% R1b, and is shown by the darker blue line.

Give it a go.  If you see any errors or need for more recent information please comment.  Here you have my take on the haplogroup hangouts.