Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Haplogroup Geography

The various haplogroups have a distinct geographic distribution.  The following figure shows this distribution in broad general terms as the "per cent" of the haplogroups for certain parts of the globe.

The highest per cent for the geographic area outlined at the top of the figure, is shown in blue marker.  For example, haplogroup E is found in approximately 61% of those tested from "Sub-Saharan" Africa.  This same haplogroup if found in 53% of those tested from "North Africa".  Haplogroup J is found in 44% of those tested from the "Middle East".  My "JONES" haplogroup R is found in 45% from "Europe", followed by 41% from "South Asia", and 31% from "Central Asia".  For Wales it is found in 84%!  Move over Wales, here comes the JONES surname. [Interestingly haplogroup Q is found in 95% of those coming to the American continent.]

The data is taken from my research notebook 225B (RN #225B) titled "Human DNA - Out of Africa".