Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Celtic Tribes to Welsh Tribes

Translating the Celtic tribal groups [see Celtic R1b1, 20 Feb., 2001] to the Welsh tribal groups is the purpose of this post. This will hopefully give a "visual" picture of the origins of the Welsh tribes and a general view of the inter-relationships between them. The first table gives the geographic locations for the Royal and Noble Tribes of Wales. [These are recorded in "The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales", by Burke, Harrison and Sons, London, 1884, pp. lxi-lxvi.] First is listed the title of the tribe, i.e., "Noble Tribe X". Next is listed a geographic area that the tribe seems to have originated. Third, is listed the "founding father" of the tribe.

The next figure shows a map of Wales and the general geographic location of these Welsh tribes. The "Royal" tribes occupied the major divisions (states = gwlad). The "Nobel" tribes are scattered about. A JONES surname is derived from many of these Welsh tribal groups!

The table and map are taken from The Jones Genealogist, Vol.IV, No.5, Jan/Feb, 1993, pp. 4-6.

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