Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More JONES Families

The number of JONES families that have a coat of arms recorded by Burke before 1840, demonstrate the diversity of the surname. An analysis of these arms show the numbers and locations of many that do not share a Y-chromosome. This post continues the listings for families that have "a lion ramp." (rampant) for a symbol. (charge) Some share the same coat of arms, and some show variation in tinctures (colors of symbol and shield). They are:

Jones of Somerset (Kelston Park): "erm. a lion ramp. az." [a blue lion on a fur shield]

Jones of Worcester: "ar. a lion ramp. gu." [ a red lion of silver shield]

Four that share, "or. a lion ramp. gu." [a red lion with gold shield]

Jones of Oxford
Jones of Oxford and Berks
Jones of Monmouth and Worcester
Jones of Denbigh

Eleven families that share, "or. a lion ramp. az." [ a blue lion with gold shield ]

Jones of Hereford - Sugwas, Poulstone, Cleve, and Mountcraig
Jones of Middlesex (Stratford, Bow)
Jones of Middlesex and Hereford
Jones of Gloucester
Jones of Somerset
Jones of Lancaster
Jones of York
Jones of Rutland
Jones of London
Jones of Merinoneth
Jones of Merinoneth, Dol-yn- Edrienion

Perhaps starting points for several Y-chromosomes!

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