Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jones Surname and Haplogroup J

Haplogroup J made up the remainder of those submitting their DNA for analysis to the JONES surname group. The Middle East and North Africa is thought to be origin for this branch of the human genome. Only 2% of these folks carried this SNP (snip). [ A place along the chromosome that has this genetic marker.]

Anyone out there with the surname JONES, and the haplogroup group "J"? Please let your JONES family and its history be known.

Again to review: The JONES Surname - Haplogroups identified =

R = 78% (R1b= 76% and R1a = 2%)

I = 11%

E = 6%

G = 3%

J = 2%

Q = trace 1/275.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jones Surname and Haplogroup G

Haplogroup G made up 3% of those in the JONES surname interest group. [At the time of this analysis the total in the group was 275.] Asia Minor, Iraq, and Iran are thought to be the starting point of this haplogroup.

Are there those with the surname JONES from haplogroup G? Please identify your family and their story.

So far, haplogroup R1b = 76%, haplogroup I = 10%, and haplogroup E = 5%, and now haplogroup G = 3% for the surname JONES. Keep those cards and letters coming in!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jones Surname and Haplogroup E

Six per cent of the folks who had their DNA analyzed for the surname JONES were haplogroup E. [6% of the 275 individuals who made up the whole group] Originating in Central Africa, this haplogroup would most likely represent the African American population who share the surname JONES.

Those of haplogroup E, please identify your lineage and DNA that have the surname JONES. Would love to have the opportunity to connect the surname JONES and its history for all haplogroups.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jones Surname and Haplogroup I

It is clear that those who share the JONES surname do not have a single "common ancestor". There is no "Adam Jones" who started at the beginning, and was the founding father of our surname.

It is also apparent that there are several haplogroups that share the surname JONES. My specific DNA was tested in a group that had at least 275 individuals who had an interest in the surname JONES. [Not sure that all 275 actually carried the surname.] These have been discussed in the post "Those Other Jones", May 20, 2011.

This post is to encourage those who share a common haplogroup to list their family, and identify their DNA lineage. Hopefully, this would allow communication between other JONES families that share this haplogroup.

Haplogroup I [Scandinavian] is the second most common [11%] among those 275 individuals sharing an interest in their DNA. All those "Vikings" I guess? Perhaps even "Norman"? [They started out Vikings!] Anyone of Haplogroup I, please identify yourself. Please use this post and the comment section to share your family connection to the JONES surname.