Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jones Surname and Haplogroups: A Review

The JONES surname is one of the most common among the Islands. [Wales, England, Ireland, and that big one across the pond the U.S.!] Haplogroups have been identified from those who have submitted their DNA and indicated an interest in the JONES surname. The following is a summary based upon an analysis of these results.

Haplogroup R1b is roughly 76%. [Assumed to be Celtic roots?]
Haplogroup I is roughly 10%. [Assumed to be Viking or Norman?]
Haplogroup E is roughly 6%. [Assumed to be African-American?]
Haplogroup G is rougly 3%. [Assumed to be Asia Minor?]
Haplogroup J is roughly 2%. [Assumed to be Middle Eastern - Jewish?]
Haplogroup R1a is roughly 2%. [Assumed to be Anglo-Saxon?]

Anyone with the JONES surname and a known haplogroup please respond. Would like to identify family trees with the surname JONES!


  1. I'm a descendant of Thomas John Jones, b. 1820-1824 VA. Thomas moved to Whitley County, KY before 1840. My haplogroup is R1b1a2.

    Ed Jones

  2. Hello you know the area or county in Virginia that Thomas John Jones was born? Is he in (by age) the 1840 census of Whitley Co.? Whitley Co. was established in 1818 out of Knox Co. Therefore, family would have to have arrived in KY after 1820 and birth of John Thomas Jones.

  3. Denis Savard writes me on twitter stating that the E haplogroup may be E-L793. States this is not Africa-American. Any other input on haplogroup E please post. States Africa-American E1a haplogroup.

  4. My earliest Jones, maternal side, is Mary Jones b. 1809 IL, raised in MO, died 1820 in AR. mtDNA Haplogroup K. She said her father, could be her grandfather, was born in England.

  5. Ok, I wondered in and found your data, Teague Jones, father Christopher Jones Jr and Christopher Jones Sr from England, is my line the ydna is r1b1b2 taken by FTDNA from my nephew. This covers Silas Jones Sr of RI to NY's lineage and a huge huge family.
    Dad was the last to carry Jones in his generation, my two brothers are the last in my generation, I am a female, they both had two boys, One boy has a girl, another boy has 2 girls 1 boy and one boy has a dau and another has a son. So the line is about gone.
    Generation before DAD a wee more but not much.Calvin had 5 boys 1 g, They did not all have children.

  6. My brother had his Y-DNA test done a few years back through and belongs to the R1b haplogroup. Our earliest confirmed Jones ancestor is William Jones who died in 1889 in Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England at the age of 78. I have reason to think his father may have been John Jones of Llanddeiniolen, Caernarvonshire, Wales but have been unable to confirm.

  7. Hello Kim...first JONES in English records is Humphrey Jones 1538 - 1544 from Carnarvon...see blog post March 21, 2013 ...good luck in your tree climbing