Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Groupings

A recent post on my Jones Surname blogspot, introduced The Jones Classification System. Using the Jones surname cost(s) of arms, the families that were responsible for producing at least one JONES surname (family) were shown. This used the "primary charge" and "colors" recorded for the folks having coat of arms before 1840 England, Ireland, and Wales. They were then linked to their ancestors family which would place a starting point for their Y-chromosome. Thus a series of families have been identified that represent the origins of many Jones surnames. Family groupings [those that used the symbol "a lion rampant"] can then be identified. The first sets of families are as follows:

House of Trevor , North Wales

House of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, North Wales [ Three sons each produce a JONES line.]

Jones of Hereford, 1690

Jones of Denbigh, North Wales

Jones of Sligo (Ireland)

Jones of Ulster 1661, Ireland

Jones of Somerset

Jones of Hereford 1823 [ a distinct line from above ]

Jones of Ulster (Ireland)

Jones of Montgomery

Jones of London

and much more to come.

The study was first published in my newsletter The Jones Genealogist, Vol.VIII, No.3, Sept/Oct 1996. Some of these families could share the same Y-chromosome, but many are not genetically related.

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