Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Utilizing This Blog

Understanding DNA and how it might be useful to the genealogist is the purpose of this blog. Starting from the atom, it tells the story of the DNA molecule. It is intended for the genealogist who has no real background in the science fields, but wishes to gain a little understanding about this complex subject.

The post of September 6, 2010 begins this adventure. "DNA and Genealogy" is its title. This is followed by a series of posts which attempts to build the structure of this DNA molecule from the bag of salt water that surrounds us all. The chemicals of life they are called, and where this DNA molecule "lives" is introduced. Using "Super Hero" atoms, the basic molecule making up this DNA is shown. By September 19, 2010, the alphabet of life is presented which defines the spelling of this thing called the "genome". Phosphate, plus sugar, plus nitrogenous base makes sweet music in this thing called life!

A way to conceptualize DNA in 3-D is presented next, starting with the post of October 10, 2010. Making your "bucket list" is important here. Basic principles are listed, and a description of "mutation" is presented. [Post of November 13, 2010.]

A little snip here and there follows, with a description of DNA, the codon, and the alphabet that defines all. Understanding the "terms" which are used by the folks dealing with this DNA testing is next... a whole bunch of them!

The "Gene Tree" is then presented. [The post of December 30, 2010.] Here the concept of the "haplogroup" can be visualized. Then, "haplogroups" to "haplotypes" are presented. The distribution by geography is shown. [The post of January 10, 2011.]

Our genetic trail out of Africa is then presented. The Rift Valley to the Delta of the Danube are discussed.

Since the JONES surname has Celtic roots, this is the focus of the next series of posts dating from February 10, 2011 to March 14, 2011.

Using my own DNA, and genealogy of more than 50 years, the next series of posts outline some 53 generations! Imagine that...wow! [March 23, 2011 to May 2, 2011.] The haplogroups that have been discovered to share the surname JONES are then presented. This includes the concept of "Most Recent Common Ancestor" (MRCA). [June 5, 2011.]

The genealogy of the JONES surname is then related. It is phonetic, not genetic! [See post June 18, 2011.] Multiple roots connect the name.

Finally, the family groups that share the JONES surname are presented. The haplogroups are discussed, and an invitation to join this adventure is given.

Wow...seeking and using this DNA can be fun. This blog is written to help the genealogist utilize this information. Good tree climbing... The Jones Genealogist.


  1. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

  2. I sent my Jones DNA away to be tested just this week. Excitedly awaiting the results

  3. Hey Jennifer...let us know the results...mtDNA or autosomal DNA?