Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally There (generation 45 - "Pap paw")

Finally there! Griffin Jones, Sr.(JV-162) resided in Caroline Co., VA, down to Joseph Wheeler Jones [Pap paw](JAB-1). All of these ancestors have been discussed in posts on

Griffin Jones, Sr. (JV-162):

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Griffin Jones, Jr. (JW-89):

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Nicholas Jones (JX-33):

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Thomas Jones (JY-6):

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William Carter Jones [W.C.](JZ-5);

"Silent Slumber", October 8, 2010.

"20 Years Later", October 5, 2010. [Picture]

Edward Turner Jones [E.T.](JAA-3)

"E.T. phone home", September 24, 2010.

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Joseph Wheeler Jones [Pap paw](JAB-1):

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"A Glass Eye", August 6, 2010.

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"Louder Than Words", July 14, 2010.

Fifty one generations are listed. With me, makes 53! I hope to explore in future post, the DNA of my Y-chromosome as it goes back these generations.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Almost There (Generation 38 - 45)

The diagram to the right continues my JONES family tree. Starting with Robert (J0-1) who marries Margaret Eyton of Rhuabon(J0-2), it continues another seven generations to Griffin Jones, Sr.(JV-162) of Caroline Co., VA. It is at generation 40, Richard ap John ap Robert (JQ-95) where our JONES surname begins. Richard (JQ-95) is found at Llanfair 1558. This is an area just below Ruthin. His son, Thomas Jones (JR-180) continues the JONES surname. It is Richard Jones (JS-165), the grandson of the first Richard Jones (JQ-95) that is forced to leave England 1648 when Charles I looses his head! Cadwallader Jones (JT-143) becomes the first to settle along the Rappahannock River in Virginia 1673 and leads to all kinds of trouble. [Much more to come about Cadwallader(JT-143)! John Jones (JU-145) and his son Griffin Jones, Sr.(JV-162) remain upon the lands that were to become Caroline Co., VA. We are almost to Kentucky, my homeland. We are almost there.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Down the Line (generation 31 - 38)

From around 1140 AD, a younger son of Jeuaf(JH-1) becomes the first of Llyn-Onn. [Llwynynn] This remains a family center, which generations to come would be associated. The maternal sides becomes more informative as the geographic locations are defined. Bersham, Pengwern, and Rhuabon were lands which were around Llyn-Onn. [LLwynynn] This name was given to a summer home at Llanfair-David-Clwyd, and a winter home just east of Wrexham. Generation 31 through generation 38, down to Robert ap Edward (JO-1). Wow, keep own coming down the line.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Keep on Going (generation 24 - 31)

The figure to the right continues the male descent for my Jones family. By now many might be staying, "you've got to be kidding me"...right? Well I have often thought the same thing. How in the world can one draw such a lineage? The documentation will be given in future posts, but I wanted to give the "documented" lineage in sequence for those who would like a uncluttered family tree.

Gadforch (JA-1) flourished around 850 AD. His grandson, Tudor Trevor (JC-1), is documented in an Anglo-Saxon charter 934 AD. Dingad(JD-3) is the baby of the family, and it is through his branch that my JONES family descends. I will continue to give the direct line until my generation on the next few posts. I will then present my DNA to try and connect the dots. Let's keep on going.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Moving on Up (generation 18 - 24)

My family Y-chromosome is continued in the figure to the right. Generation 18, Gwnnan(Jf-1), to generation 24, Cadfarch (JA-1) is shown. The previous posts start with the founding father Manogan (Jw-1) and proceed to the twenty fourth generation. Cadfarch (JA-1) is the grandfather of Tudor Trevor (JC-1) which brings us full circle to the family of Tudor Trevor (JC-1). My DNA is R1b1b2 which has been been regrouped into R1b1a2. I am not sure what these changes will mean, but more to come as this new classification is unfolded. All those R1b1s join in the fun.