Sunday, July 31, 2011

Please Join In The Fun

The last two posts have outlined a fair number of JONES surname groups. Most of these groups do not share the Y-chromosome! For those who share the JONES surname, and you know your family originates among one of these JONES groups, please join the fun and identify your family group. This might help those who are researching their family from one of the areas identified. You can leave a comment giving the location of your JONES family. Anyone that shares this location, may a direct connection. The JONES family locations are:

Hereford, 1690, and 1823,

Denbigh (North Wales)

Ireland: Ulster, Sligo,

Somerset, London, Oxford, Lancaster, York, Rutland, Middlesex, and Worcester,

Montgomery, Monmouth, and Merinoneth in Wales.

Any JONES families out there? Please join in the fun!

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