Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where in the World?

My Jones surname DNA had 26 exact 12 marker matches. Where in the world are they? An exact 12 marker test showed that our most recent common ancestor (MRCA) was some 29 generations ago! [95% chance] Who in this world has their genealogy traced back 29 generations?

Being an exception to the rule, my years of genealogy research [now 51 years], has traced my family's line back 53 generations. Given in a series of previous posts, starting with "The Beginnings (generations 1-5)" [March 23, 2011] and ending with "Finally There (generation 45 - "Pap paw" [April 29, 2011], the generations are presented. My 29th generation grandfather is Ynyr ap Gadforch (JB-1). This would take our common ancestor back to around 900 A.D.! He was the father of Tudor Trevor (JC- 1) who is given credit for "founding" our tribe.

Of the 26 exact 12 marker test the following was found:

Scotland = 5 matches

England = 4 matches

Germany = 3 matches

France, Ireland, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom = 2 match each

Wales, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Albania = 1 match each.

Wow, what a number of countries that share my 12 marker test. Ynyr ap Gadforch descendants sure got around!

Now there were many, many more who matched 11/12 markers. This would go back to generation 47. In my family tree this would be Enid (Jq-1) going back to the early days of Roman occupation! [ca. 150 - 200 A.D.] From this ancestor, there were 168 "1-step" in Ireland, 156 in England, 122 in Scotland, 88 United Kingdom, 66 Germany, 36 Netherlands, 36 France, 22 Wales, 19 Spain, 13 Italy, and 11 Switzerland.

My R1b1b2 [now classified R1b1a2] is definitely in the world.

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