Monday, June 13, 2011

Lining Folks Up

Having discussed the concept of the most recent common ancestor, and presented my JONES family genealogy and DNA results, I thought it might be helpful to try and put it all together. If you were to match my pattern of DNA, you can then follow the line up as outlined.

For anyone who has a 67/67 marker match, this would suggest that we share my 6th generation grandfather Thomas Jones (JY-6). He was born 1796 in Virginia, and came to Kentucky with his family in 1811. He did have a bunch of brothers (at least six) so there is a lot of this Y-chromosome going around.

A 37/37 exact match would go back to my 7th generation grandfather, Nicholas Jones (JX-33) who was the father of Thomas (JY-6). He was born 1762 in Caroline Co., Virginia, fought in the Revolutionary War, and brought his family to Kentucky in 1811. Not much difference in a 67/67 match, and the 37/37 exact match.

The 25/25 exact match goes back to my 13th generation grandfather Thomas Jones (JR-180) of Llanfair-Dyffry-Clwyd, Denbighsire, Wales. He was active during the 1550s, being a student at Christ Church, Oxford, 1555. The family moved to Rochcester around 1598, and brought its Y-chromosome to the county of Kent.

A 12/12 exact match launches us back to my 29th generation grandfather Ynyn ap Gadforch (JB-1). He was active 850-900 AD, being the father of Tudor Trevor (JC-1). This branch of the family had been settled along Wat's Dyke for many generations.

So there you have our most recent common ancestors, all lined up. North Wales, to the county Kent, to the shores of Virginia, to the Bluegrass of Kentucky. Any matches?

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