Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tag Your It

Recent changes in the classifications of my haplotype, R1b1b to R1b1a2, made for some interesting additional questions. What in the world does this mean!?...was the first. I had spent a fair amount of time shifting through the data on R1b1b. It pointed me to Wales. What does this change do?

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) seemed to have a slightly different view. Apparently it was FTDNA that first made the changes in their haplotype classification. [Where I had my DNA tested.] This was based upon the identification (clarification) of a specific sub-group [called "sub-clade"] of R1b. This sub-group demonstrated (dominated by) a specific genetic marker tagged R-m412. It was found on those who carried the R1b1b marker tagged R-m269. This sub-group [sub-clade ] was found in Wales 92.3 % of the 65 people studied! Wow, I made it home! This change in classification showed that my genealogy work of more than 50 years was again supported. My genes exposed. Another change is possible before all this gets straighten out. Tag your it!

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