Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Right Branch

While waiting for the results of the next DNA panels [panel 2 (13-25), panel 3 (26 - 37)] an e-mail was sent to all those who had a 12-marker exact match. It read:

"Hello All,
This is sort of a group letter to those who match my DNA panel 1-12. Pretty amazing stuff to find that so many (25 listed) match exactly. We must all share a common ancestor with some fairly uncommon surnames, at least compared to mine JONES! My family has been in Kentucky (USA) for 200 years. We came to KY from Virginia (USA) were we arrived in 1649. We were supporters of Charles I and needed to make a speedy exit following his beheading. Prior to this we were in the London (Gray's Inn) and Rochester area around 1599. Before this we were from Wales in the Valley of Dee, beginning from around 850 AD. My 24th generation grandfather was Ninnian ap Cynrig (around 1050 AD) who resided in the area called Maelor Cymraeg. According to the information as I understand it now, this would be our common ancestor. Does any of this match your own family history? I would love to correspond with any who have an interest."

So I waited. Six e-mails returned as not active. Of the remaining 19, only two responded. The JONES of course, and a Pritchard.

I had not examined the surname Pritchard, but we shared some family information. Most amazing was the fact that a family of Pritchard originated in the same area of Wales with connection to related families! [A description is given Dwnn, Vol. II, p. 163.] How about that I thought, I must be on the right branch of my family tree after all.

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