Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Next Panels

In a short time, results for panel 2 [13-25 markers] and panel 3 [26 -37 markers] returned. A whole lot of numbers flashed before my eyes. There were no exact matches for this set of DNA markers. Only two matches were found at a "Genetic Distance - 1", and only one match for a "Genetic Distance -2". This meaning that for two folks in this data base, they have 24 out 25 matches [for genetic distance one], and one has 23 out of 25 sites match. Only Jones and Pearson remained from the first twelve marker test.

As I read the probability graphs sent with this information, it would appear that my "Genetic Distance - 1" folks had a 95% chance that we shared a grandfather back to 16 - 20 generations. This moved us closer by 4 - 8 generations. Still, not many folks would have their genealogy back 16 generations. For the "Genetic Distance - 2" it would means a 95% chance that we had a common ancestor at the 23 - 27 generation back. Essentially this was no difference from the 12-marker exact matches! What was one to do? Perhaps the last panels would help, but the light in the tunnel was fading. What about the rest of the testing, panel 4, markers 38 - 67? Time will tell.

My results for panel 2 and panel 3 are available to anyone who would like to compare results. Please leave a comment with an e-mail and we can share results.

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