Monday, August 29, 2011

17 - 14 - 10

George Jones has posted his JONES family DNA information on the comment section of the last post. Thanks George for being willing to share the information.

He identifies a snip (SNP) called R-L371+, which he reports as being a rare and unique 3 part signature called 17-14-10. [DYS448=17, DYS456=14, DYS450=10, thus 17-14-10!] These terms have been discussed in previous post, and if you do not understand the symbols [like DYS], please go back to previous posts that try to explain the terminology.

Anyone else with knowledge or experience regarding this JONES line, please share. Any JONES families with 17-14-10?

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  1. My FTDNA Y67 STR results came back on 8-30-11 and confirm the 17-14-10 signature. My $29 R-L371 SNP test at FTDNA came back on 8-9-11 and confirmed my hunch I would be a JONES R-L371+

    I am from the Lemuel Jones line and his first son William Jones born 1812 in KY. Lemuel Jones was born circa 1772 in VA and his likely father was a William Jones based on the naming of his first son William Jones.

    Lemuel Jones had a twin brother named Stephen Jones. I am about 70% sure they were identical (or monozygotic) twins versus fraternal twins(or dizygotic).

    Perhaps the Blog Leader and others can help here. I understand there is Zygosity Test and other genetic ways to confirm one or the other.If they were indeed identical twins then I believe they would share the same male Y-DNA genetic profile which could be confirmed by a either a Y67 or Y111 test.

    I had my cousin (from the Stephen Jones side)take the Y46 results at and they also confirm the 17-14-10 signature. He and I have a GD or Genetic Distance of "0" at Y46 and I am sure this would also be "0" at Y67 and Y111. Also, by having him tested this rules out any NPE or Non Paternal Events on each of our Jones lines for 300 years from about 1742 (William Jones birth) to 1949 (my birth)

    I am just in the midst of analyzing my Y-DNA results against other close matches. My confirmed paper trail ends circa 1772 with the birth of Lemuel Jones in VA ... where I have no idea at this time!

    I have a GD of "1" with a Griffith at Y67 ... which is not to shabby. We differ on a fast moving or fast muting marker DYS439.

    Here's what the "canned" FTDNA analysis shows:

    In comparing 67 markers, the probability that Mr. David Martin Griffith and Mr. George Emmerson Jones shared a common ancestor within the last...

    Generations / Percentage
    8 36.89%
    9 60.54%
    10 75.52%
    11 84.92%
    12 90.76%
    13 94.36%
    14 96.58%
    15 97.93%
    16 98.75%
    17 99.25%

    My hunch says there is a JONES - GRIFFITH connection (relatedness) in Wales circa 1540 to 1640 in Wales.

    Beside GRIFFITH, other possibles include PREECE,

    I am working with another individual to develop a set of Genetic Genealogy Analysis Tools to make this process less painful and faster.

    Those that have an interest in 17-14-10s or learning more about these tools ... JONESGE (at) YAHOO.COM