Friday, August 19, 2011

Add Your Jones Family DNA

This blog has dealt with the JONES surname. In most cases, those who share this surname are not Y-chromosome connected. If you know your DNA, and would like to share it on this blog, please place it in a comment to this post. Give what information you would like, and I will then make a post of this JONES family, and hopefully this will provide a way to make connections.


  1. I am a JONES that has a paper trail of JONES going back to about 1742-1747 for the birth of William Jones.

    He as the father of twins Lemuel Jones and Stephen Jones born circa 1772 in Virginia. They are enumerated right next to each other in the 1810 Kentucky Census for Monroe / Cumberland counties Kentucky.

    I have take the Y67 DNA test at Family Tree (kit # 207153) as shown in the Jones Surname Project. I am a R1b1a2.

    I have also taken a SNP test and am positive for R-L371+ (AKA as the 17-14-10 Welsh Group) So far I am the only JONES with this SNP.

    With a GD of 1 on 37 Markers I am closely related to a GRIFFITH.


    With a GD of 2 on 37 Markets I am related to a JENKINS.


    With a GD of 2 on 37 Markets I am related to a EVANS.

    I am looking for more connections of JONES or other SURNAMES in America or Wales from 1500 to 1800! Email

  2. Hello George. We share the same haplotype R1b1a2. Can you explain what the 17-14-10 Welsh Group is? Do you know what county in VA William was located in 1740s? Griffith, Jenkins, and Evans are all good Welsh names!