Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Jones Surname: Not Genetic but Phonetic

The Jones Surname is perhaps one of the most difficult surnames to trace out the family tree. An understanding of its origin has helped clarify the DNA roots and the various factors which have influenced the beginnings of this surname.

A variety of post at several blogs have shown that the origin of the JONES surname is due to the English transliteration of the Welsh spelling of "John". This Christian name was introduced into Wales before 500 AD. It was the old English (Anglo-Saxon) spelling that was transliterated into the English legal system that became the spelling JONES. [Under the Act of Union 1536.] This produced a great number of families taking the JONES surname which were not genetically related. This means that today, there are many who share the surname JONES, but are not genetically related. This explains why so many DNA results do not match. Our Y-chromosomes are not the same. This also means that there is not a single genetic beginning of the JONES surname, but many different family sources, most having their origins in Wales.

These various historical, linguistic, cultural, and religious factors have been presented based upon my research of more than 50 years.

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