Monday, April 4, 2011

Moving on Up (generation 18 - 24)

My family Y-chromosome is continued in the figure to the right. Generation 18, Gwnnan(Jf-1), to generation 24, Cadfarch (JA-1) is shown. The previous posts start with the founding father Manogan (Jw-1) and proceed to the twenty fourth generation. Cadfarch (JA-1) is the grandfather of Tudor Trevor (JC-1) which brings us full circle to the family of Tudor Trevor (JC-1). My DNA is R1b1b2 which has been been regrouped into R1b1a2. I am not sure what these changes will mean, but more to come as this new classification is unfolded. All those R1b1s join in the fun.


  1. Would like to compare DNA but am having trouble finding it on your site.

  2. Evan, almost getting there. Trying to put the generations in sequence first, then will compair my DNA.