Friday, November 4, 2011

On the Other Side of the Fence

The last post discussed some of the factors that introduced the JONES surname to the world. Multiple families, multiple roots, and multiple Y-DNA! For those of us from Wales (R1b1a2), it will take a somewhat different approach to climb to the other side of the fence. Just what family groups existed before all this English annexation?

The following post outlines a series of Welsh family groups that have produced a JONES surname branch. This research is the result of many, many years looking for my own JONES family connections. They will be listed as "House of ....", representing the roots of the Welsh family that produced the origin of the JONES surname today. If one can connected back to a Welsh family line, then this would be the origin of your Y-DNA! Starting with my own family line:

House of Trevor (Tudor Trevor) before 900 AD

House of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn before 1000 AD

House of Goch before 1460 AD

House of Herbert

House of Llowarch ap Bran

House of Griffith ap Nicholas

House of Shrewsbury

House of Jestyn ap Gwrgrant

House of Ievan ap Ievan

House of Cadifn vawr

House of Cowryn Cadvan

House of Trench (Ireland)

House of Treownes

...just a start to the other side of the fence!

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