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House of Trevor (Tudor Trevor)

The lineage of the House of Trevor is given in great detail in Nicholas, "Annals and Antiquities of The Counties and County Families of Wales". This text, first published in London, 1872, gives the history, the chief physical features, and many of the lineages of the families of the counties of Wales. The author, Thomas Nicholas, states in his preface:

"Descriptions and accounts have been given from personal inspection; facts, dates, names, have been obtained from the documents or direct testimony of the Families recorded." [Vol. I, p. v]

Of course, the House of Trevor, has many branches :

The surname Mostyn is given Vol. I, on pp. 451-452, (Co. Flintshire, Mostyn).

The surname Pennant is given Vol.I, pp.453 (Co. Flintshire, Basingwerk and Holywell).

The surname Trevor (of Trevalyn) Vol.I, p.457.

The surname Lloyd (of Pengwern) Vol.I, p. 450.

The surname Eyton (of Rhuabon) Vol. I, p. 446.

The surname Young (of Hanmer) Vol.I, p.440.

The surname Trevor (of Brynkinallt, Co. Denbigh) VoI. I, pp. 415-416.

The surname Griffith (of Wrexham) Vol.I, p.408.

The surname Jones (of Llwyn-Onn) Vol.I, pp. 354-356.

Wow, surnames that share a common Y-DNA.

Nicholas was reprinted by the Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1991.

The geographic locations of the families listed above center around Wat's Dyke. See:

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