Friday, February 25, 2011

Celtic DNA Among the Islands

The distribution of DNA markers among the islands are shown in the figure to the right. Each county studied so far has a slightly different pattern. Wales (Anglesey), shows the R1b1b haplotype at 89%, with just at 8% for the I haplogroup. Thus 97% of of the DNA studied fall within these two groups. [I suspect the I haplogroup is the Viking blood!] The Irish have the next highest percent of R1b1b at 82%. However, their E1b1b (2%) and their R1a1 (< 1%). The Scots show 77% R1b1b and haplogroup I at 11%. [More of that Viking blood!] The Scots show 7% R1a, which would indicate more of that Anglo-Saxon influence. The English range 62-69% R1b1b. A 9% R1a is the highest among this group.

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