Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Beginnings (generations 1-5)

The first five generations of my Y-chromosome lineage is shown in the figure to the right. Starting with Manogan(Jw-1); the descent is through Beli mawr(Jv-1); the fourth son, Llefelys [Afflech](Ju-1); on through Afallah(Jt-1); to the fifth generation, Enddolan(Js-1)...a good fifth generation Celtic family group. The coding process is an extension of the first Jones surname coding system described in a previous post which began with Gadvorch(JA-1). [See: My JONES Family Coding System, Wednesday, January 19, 2011, under The Jones Surname blog spot.]

When I started this system some twenty years ago, I thought I had gotten as far back as I could go. As time would tell, there were a few generations yet to be uncovered. Thus, to go farther back in time, I would use the same coding 0nly using small case letters for representing the earlier generations. Thus Manogan is 22 generations ( small a- to small -v) back in time from Gadvorch (JA-1)! [capital letters used to code for each generation from Gadvorch.]

The documentation is from the earliest Welsh literature. A discussion of this literature is given in the introduction to a translation of "The Mabinogion" by the Jones boys, Gwyn and Thomas. On page 75 is given the start of the family in an account titled "Lludd and Llefelys". A very insightfull account of this literature is also given in a book titled "The Fates of The Princes of Dyfed" by Cenydd Morus. These references are given more formerly as:

Jones, G., Jones,T., The Mabingogion", Everyman, J.M. Dent, London, 1949.

Morus,C.,"The Fate of the Princes of Dyfed", Theosophical Book Co., London, 1914.

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