Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A R1a JONES Family

A haplogroup distribution for the JONES surname has been presented in previous posts. [See: and ]

A JONES family with roots in Virginia sent their DNA results for a 37-marker test. They are found to be R1a. They have traced their line back to Elisha Jones of Campbell Co., VA, born about 1791, and died 1864/65. A son Charles H. Jones continues the line. Out of curiosity, I compared my own 1st 12-marker results, showing only a 50% match for DYS values. [My JONES family from Virginia is R1b1a2.]

Anyone with R1a haplogroup out there? Please join the fun! We have at least two distinct JONES family haplogroups from Virginia.

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  1. I'm a descendant of a Thomas John Jones, b. 1820-1824 VA, who moved to Whitley County, KY sometime before 1840. He along with an Elijah Jones (b. ca. 1787 VA and d. ca. 1863) appear living next door to each other in the 1840 Whitley County, KY census. I suspect this Elijah is either his father, uncle, or a much older brother. I'm wondering if it's possible that this Elijah is the same Elisha Jones mentioned in your comment?

    Ed Jones