Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dominate Haplogroup by Geography

Over the years, certain haplogroups have come to dominate certain parts of the world. In some cases, these groups represent up to 95% of the DNA SNPS (snips) that have been studied. The figure to the right marks in blue the haplogroups that have the highest percent of the populations studied for the broad geographic areas. The haplogroups are:

Sub-Saharan Africa - haplogroup E (61%)

North Africa - haplogroup E (53%)

Middle East - haplogroup J (44%)

Europe - haplogroup R (45%)

Central Asia - haplogroup R (31%)

North Asia - haplogroup C (38%)

East Asia - haplogroup O (68%)

South Asia - haplogroup R (41%)

Pacific - haplogroup C (34%)

America - haplogroup Q (95%).

The figure also shows the percents for each haplogroup found in the geographic areas.

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